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Investment in Cyprus property is sound and a good motive for purchasing property in Cyprus. Benefits of investing in real estate includes the generation of income regardless of fluctuations in market value. Investment attractiveness can come from sales and rentals. Making the right property choice is crucial as the property should be highly liquid and attractive to tenants. Real Estate investment is a unique tool to have in the world as it is capable of redeeming itself. Buying a property and paying just 30% of its value, you then receive rental income, which is enough to cover mortgage payments.

Real estate is classified as very low-risk asset for investment b ecause by putting money into an investment property, you are giving most of the risk to the bank. It should be noted that there is a significant increase of investor interest in schemes helping to minimize equity investment, such as all kinds of mortgages, installment payments, leaseback schemes, payback schemes etc. Even theoretically, real estate cannot devalue as much as safety stock or other investment instruments. It has a negative correlation coefficient - the rise and fall of real estate market almost never concurs with the development and growth of the stock exchange. The risk of losing money is minimized to virtually zero, as in case of the marked fall in prices whereby owners can opt to lease to tenants. Real Estate protects investment capital more effectively than other tools. Compared to safety stocks, real estate has relatively low volatile. This saves investors from the temptation of the quick closing of their positions, which occurs on the highly liquid stock market with a related sharp drop in prices.

Furthermore, having real estate provides the facilitation of the visa procedures for foreigners. Many buyers in Europe use it as a base for travelling. If you purchase a property worth over 300 000 EUR, it allows you to apply for a residence permit.

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