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Roman Starikovich

Having a significant experience in sales, management and maintenance of real estate, we have become acquainted with all the difficulties that real estate buyers may come across in Cyprus. Therefore, our primary goal was not only to build a stylish and prestigious residence within 200 meters form the beach, but as well present a quality project, comfortable for living, that takes into account convenience in terms of its future use and maintenance...

Maxim Shamis
Managing Partner

Our exclusive development project is the result of detailed planning and converting our experience and ideas to the real luxury project. Olive Garden Residence is the clubhouse in the picturesque seaside district Dasoudi. It is situated in the heart of the tourist area of Limassol, near the forest park area with eucalyptus, pines and acacia trees, also as the sandy seashore. There are various infrastructure facilities nearby, such as cafes and restaurants, shops, playgrounds, tennis and volleyball courts, different water sports rental services, that made Dasoudi beach one of the most interesting and desired locations in Cyprus.

The beautifully designed building combines elegant modern Mediterranean architecture with the highest quality materials. Thoughtful layout with the newest facilities of the apartments are delivering maximum comfort and convenience. The Residence located in a quiet place, with the swimming pools and panoramic view of the sea, Olive Garden is a reflection of the luxury lifestyle and proper attitude to the comfort of its owners.

Demetrios Constantinou

The Olive Garden Residence project was designed to provide a sense of space for its residents, with a feel of freedom and luxury living. The building was designed as a complex consisting of separate apartments, providing the comfort and security of an elegant modern city building, with a respect to the sense privacy of each resident. We also managed to create an external space for each of the apartments in a way that all the tenants could enjoy the views of the nearby sea.

Igor Satiskov
Design author

The interior design of the Olive Garden Residence was inspired by the idea of space and light modeling and laconic use of natural finishing materials.

One of the important criteria in designing the interior of our residence was the optimal space ergonomics, where with the help of scattered light, we managed to create the percept of illuminated walls and ceilings, and airy space. The premises are free from internal partitions to a maximum level for an increased sense of an open space. The large, floor-to-ceiling windows help to saturate the place with daylight, connecting the living area with spacious verandas and making them a continuation of the interior, thereby increasing the size of the rooms.

The system of multi-level LED backlighting is divided into groups and is specially designed to illuminate each section separately (in the evening illumination).

The style of Olive Garden Residence modern apartments can be described as refined and concise. At the same time, it reflects the latest trends of the interior design.

The finishes include only natural materials from the latest European collections.

The furniture, fixtures and garniture elements are interconnected and all carefully selected to be in line with the interior details. They are harmoniously combined together, complementing one another, creating the overall integrity of space and emphasizing the modern style of the interior.

The interior design was created by the architects and designers of the "DEcoDE Büro" studio in Moscow. The author of the design project is the art director of the studio, Mr. Igor Satiskov.


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